Welcome to Cassette-recorder Museum

Please enjoy visiting the best collection of cassette-recorders and at least 50 different types of audio cassettes/cartridges, including significant items in order to present in brief the historical evolution of this type of audio device, selected by technical features in chronological order.

The first section ("About cassette-recorder ") is a summary of the cassette-recorderí history and by clicking the underlined words you will find photos of historical / significant devices and types of cassettes.

The second section ("About my collection") is a more detailed overview of the most important European private collection of cassette-recorders, featuring technical evolution of this type of device. The criteria of collecting were technical news added by devices in their chronology , not their beauty !!

In the "Gallery" are presented - five-to-five years - all pictures of collectioní items, with brief technical details (only in romanian & english).

The importance of each item was highlighted using from 1 to 3 "+" signs before its name (max. = "+++"). The issuing year is written before the name of each device. Itemís issuing years and technical infos are from the official catalogs of manufacturers and distributors, service and operating manuals, adverts (all from my separate collection).

Some of these devices were presented to the public in various temporary exhibitions opened in Romania, starting 2008 until now.